Habibi Oriental Dance Club

Information in English.

Photo: Bjørn Joachimsen.

Far up north in Norway at almost 70 degrees of latitude
you find Tromsø, also called the "Paris of North".

Tromsø has the spectacular Aurora Borealis as a ceiling in winter

and the golden light of the midnight sun in summer.

It is a city in the middle of nature.

Foto: Turid Karlsen.

This is where you find
the bellydance group HABIBI.
We meet once a week for dance training for common pleasure and better health.

The group started in spring 1999 and there have been some replacements through the years.
The group consists of old and new members who enjoy dancing together and appreciate each other`s friendship.

We hire professional instructors for weekend courses 1-2 times a year and allso go to seminars and festivals other places in Norway and abroad.
During the years we have been introduced to many different oriental dance styles, and have built up a wide repertoire of dances.
We don`t want to get stucked to one certain dance style, but to have a repertoire as wide as possible.

Foto: KLIKK! studio.

Some of the members of HABIBI arrange their own courses in oriental dance/bellydance for beginners and for those who have some experience.

We offer different types of courses, workshops and performances (solo or group).


- Spring 2011:  we opened our own , great dance studio in the heart of Tromsø. 


- Spring 2014: we started our own Tribal Dance group; " Treasure Tribe " .

- Spring 2016: we present a fantastic, new concept - " HULDER OF NORWAY", a dance concept geared towards tourism. Watch her dance under the Aurora!


You can allso visit us at facebook:

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